Civil War & Southern Unionists

Graham, a New Yorker by birth, arrived in North Carolina in the spring of 1862. He was a 2nd Lt with the 24th NY Rocket Battery, but the failing rocket experiment died, and the name was changed to the 24th NY Independent Battery.

Involved in a few skirmishes, he made his name in the papers by burning the bridge at Goldsboro during the Battle of Goldsboro Bridge. 

Promoted to 1st Lt, he moved to the 3rd NY Cavalry for a time until getting his own command, Company L, of the NC Union Regiment. 

Commanding southern Unionists, he made himself infamous on his raids throughout eastern NC. He and his men were in Potter’s Raid, as well as Wise’s Forks near the end of the war.

He was also getting himself into trouble, and trading medical supplies to a former Confederate, probably part of a spy ring. 

Graham married the Confederate’s sister-in-law after the war and took her to NY, where he apparently forgot about her!